How to bypass browser check

When I open login form it shows “browser check” page that I cannot pass.
Is there any way to get around this?

Ask the developers to provide you an alternate URL that doesn’t involve third-party obstructions.


THEM: “We want you to test that, too.”

YOU: “That’s not our stuff. Are we working for those guys now?”

THEM: “Well it’s security. It has to be tested.”

YOU: “Do you even know how wide-ranging security testing can become? Have you a list of all the attack vectors I’m meant to cover? Are you going to supply me ALL the necessary hardware and devices? When will they arrive?”

They have two choices:

  1. Open up for your allotted IPs, or…

  2. Publish an obscure URL just for you.

You could also ask they turn it off on their staging servers and let you test there.

Seriously, I have no patience for these arbitrary gatekeepers who “think” they know what they’re doing.