How to Bypass the browser check using Katalon Studio

When there is bypass is enabled, There is browser check happens every time.
How do we bypass this check. Please suggest me on the same.

What is “bypass” you mean?
I don’t know it.
Does anybody know it?

Bypass check is nothing but skipping the step.
We have included captcha and browser check in our system, So when we launch a browser via Katalon Studio, System consider it as Non-Human and It does not allow to continue.
Is there anyway to tackle this Katalon Studio?

I think there is no way for the tools to cheat the Captcha
challenge. If it could, the Captcha is broken. It must be fixed A.S.A.P. Once challenged by the Captcha, any test tools will lose.

Therefore I think that you should discuss with the developers of your target web app and ask them to provide you some special way by which your script can get access to the target web app WITHOUT the Captcha challenge.

Cooperation and compromisation needed! If the developer does not agree, you should give up your task.

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