Getting Started

I’m trying to develop a method of automatically testing a website that I develop and maintain. I’m trying to use Katalon for this, but am having some trouble getting started. Could someone give me a blow by blow description of what I need to do to test the following:

  1. Open browser and go to
  2. Verify that everything displays on this page as it should. In particular, verify.
    That the main image is present and correct and appears in the right place.
    That the text “St. Mary’s Saffron Walden - Choir Login Page” appears correctly and in the right place
    That there is no visible text in the paragraph

    That the text “These web pages are only accessible…” appears correctly, including the two links.
    That the Username field appears correctly, correctly labelled.
    That the following paragraph appears correctly, including the link.
    That the Password field appears correctly, correctly labelled.
    That the following paragraph appears correctly, including the link.
    That the following paragraph appears correctly
    That the Login button appears correctly
    That the Help on This Page button appears correctly.

My instinct is to do this level of testing on each page the first time I open it. If this is impossible or not advised with Katalon, please tell me. The inability to do this level of content verification easily in Selenium IDE is the main reason that I am looking for a different test automation platform.

  1.       Click the Help on This Page button.
  2.       Check that the Login Help page loads correctly, and that all images, text etc. are present and correct.
  3.       In particular, check that the breadcrumb trail is displayed correctly. It should say Login -> LoginHelp, where Login is a link back to the Login page, but LoginHelp is not a link.
  4.       Click Login in the breadcrumb trail.
  5.       Check that the login page is displayed. This time we do not need to check all the images and text.
  6.       Enter the username "nosuch.user" in the Username box
  7.       Click Login
  8.       Check that the Login page is displayed again, but this time with the error message "Sorry, we don't recognise that username. Please try again." in red.
  9.       Click the "here" link where it says "Forgotten your username? Click here."
  10. Check that the Forgotten Username page displays correctly (including all of its text, links, fields, buttons etc…

I am trying to do as much of this as possible by recording actions on the website. Once I have understood how to do those things, I will have a good chance of being able to continue with the development of the complete test process for the site.

If all of this is well documented somewhere, please direct me to the documentation.

Thank you very much for your help


@rowan The best way to approach is that you start building your script and share where you are exactly having issues or if it is not working as you expected.

You might need to do some changes to the script because the record mode won’t be able to accomplish all your requirements by itself. I would suggest you share where your script is failing so that someone can help you from the community.