How to add two variables


can you help me, what is wrong on this command:

[info] Executing: | store | 15 | ev1 |
[info] Store ‘15’ into ‘ev1’

[info] Executing: | store | 25 | ev2 |
[info] Store ‘25’ into ‘ev2’

[info] Executing: | storeEval | storedVars[‘ev1’]+storedVars[‘ev2’] | sum |
[info] Store ‘null’ into ‘sum’



can we see the whole error from katalon and the code you are trying please?

storeEval | 10 | a
storeEval | 15 | b
storeEval | a+b | c
echo | ${c}
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when I use command storeEval | a+b | c, Katalon Recorder return in log - [error] Threw an exception: a is not defined.


Please make sure a has been already defined with a storeEval. Also please run the whole test case not just the last command.

When I run whole test, is result OK. Thanks.