How to add a command to the right mouse click

Actually, there is a list of commands. i would like to enrich it with others commands. Is there a possibility to to this?

Kindly elaborate more

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when you use the command to the right mouse click, there is a list. i would like to enrich this list with others commands. is there a possibility to do this?

While you wait for Katalon staff to get back to you, I will say that Katalon Recorder is extendable (see last item). That’s what it’s called when you can add commands to an application. Unfortunately, the command you add has to have some programming attached to it so that the command actually does something. As well, there are generally rules that you must follow in order for menu item and command to run and these rules must be strictly applied to.

However, you might be able to create your own commands within your code, like:

There are more commands on this forum that you can find that may assist you.

Note: if you have a need for “more commands”, then maybe others do as well. You should put in a “Feature Request” to improve KR with your thoughts/commands.

Edit2: read if this addresses your needs:

Edit3: lots of good reading

(Introduce plugin platform in Katalon Recorder 3.4.0 - Katalon Recorder - Katalon Community).
GitHub - katalon-studio/katalon-recorder-sample-plugin: This is a sample plugin for Katalon Recorder 3.4.0

If @isabelle.clabe was referring to the context menu that is displayed when right clicking on the element within the DOM, e.g. the image below, then I don’t believe this is extendable? (@Elly_Tran Please let me know if i’m wrong there)

There are Extension Scripts you can build as @grylion54 pointed out, but they won’t influence that context menu, they will just allow you to extend the command set that KAR has built in.

KAR does have a command built in for interacting with context menus (literally called ‘contextMenu’), but that’s for interacting with context menus present on a web page (e.g. for stuff the user might right-click on to perform some specific action).

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