How to use Right Click in Katalon Recorder

I’m using Katalon Recorder 5.4.8 and I have scenarios where I need to right-click and use right click functions. How can I record this, or is there a command or something I enter into the Command and Target part I can do?

Hi @madisontmcgee, try to use the contextMenu command to see if it works. It would work only if your website has overridden the right-click behavior of the browser. For example, if you right-click on an email in Gmail, it would show a custom context menu.

Hi @ThanhTo, thank you.Would I put the contextMenu command on the command that I used after right clicking, or the contextMenu command before it on its own. If it was on its own, would it need something in the Target? image


It is a command on its own, it simulates opening the context menu for the specified element (as might happen if the user “right-clicked” on the element). You’d need to provide a target which is the element that you want to right-click on.

Thanks. I found out the target to use for them.

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