How to add a command to the right-click context menu

Hello everyone, I need to add (verifyVisible) command to the right-click menu. Is there a possibility to do this?

I think yes if you can get its locator, maybe try wait element for present

I didn’t understand you, I need to add a command to the context menu of the Katalon recorder

If I understand your question, yes you can verify visible for a context menu option, such as the example below for Katalon Studio:

Or this example from Katalon Recorder:

So long as you can capture element locator’s for your context menu, you should be able to verify values within the context menu.

Technically speaking, Katalon Recorder has multiple context menus. There is the DOM-level right click menu, which is shown when right-clicking over page elements.

And then there is the ones within the Katalon Recorder window itself, such as this…

If I understand correctly, the person is enquiring about is adding verifyVisible to the first of these.

Can’t say I have learnt if this is possible yet, but @vu.tran ??

Chances are, the OP question may be about extending KR functionalities.
At first search i found this:

Yes, you are right, my question was about your first example