How to activate RE with a floating license

Hi everyone,

I have a Katalon account created with my business email. With this account I managed to use activate and use RE during trial period with my api key.

Since then the trial ended and my company purchased 3 RE floating licenses. But i don’t understand how iI am supposed to use them now.

My account is linked to the organization with the license, but whenever I launch RE with my account api key, activation fails with a 400 status code and the following message “Trial license is only available for Katalon accounts registered with a business email.”

Thanks for any help provided !

Hi @laurent.mangin

Please be informed that DevOps RE licenses work for Docker and Azure DevOps plugin only. Are you executing on these environments ? Please also provide the console log of the failed execution.

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Hi @ThanhTo,

Thanks, the answer to my question occured to me right after I hitted the send button… :disappointed_relieved:, sorry for the inconvenience.

Indeed I was trying from my desktop, I forgot floating license requires docker-like environment.

One last question If I may. Our RE licenses don’t seem to be provided with api-key, so is the following assumption correct ?
When running RE we use a personnal api key from an account related to the organization owning the licenses, license count is decremented for the duration of the execution and restored afterwards ?

Thanks again for your (really) quick response


Hi @laurent.mangin

Yes, that is correct. The number of licenses will be decreased by one for each of the usage in the organization, and will be incremented by one once a license is released.