Activate KRE online license only

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I purchased a KRE floating license and reading the documentation, I found it really poor when it is related only to the KRE license activation process.

I notice if I create an offline license for the KRE, it gets tied to the machine until the expiration date I determined during the offline creation.

However, I would like to be free, especially as I’m using an AWS EC2 instance where I can terminate and raise another at any time in point, doing that would not be possible to recreate the license.

As My KRE license is a floating license, I would like to activate it online, based on the user or machine id, but there is no documentation explaining that.

I also tried following the process using the KSE to active the license, however, I only purchased a KRE one, which also does not activate the KRE.

Does anyone face the same problem, that could explain how to activate the KRE license online?

Thank you

Does anyone could help me?

Hi @XvoucherDevOps

If your organization has already subscribed to KRE licenses, you just need to be added to the organization and pass your API Key to the generated command when running test on KRE. The online activation proceeds automatically. Hope it helps.

Should you still encounter any troubles activating licenses, you can submit a ticket on Zendesk for our dedicated and better support.

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Hi @Jass

Thank you for your response and guidance.

I was able to find the API key (Not so trivial as need to access the notifications to show the api key menu) and also I found the API reference to understand which params needed to be added to the katalonc in order to activate the online license.


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No problem. I’m happy to help.

A tip is you can use the command builder embedded in Katalon Studio for generating command used with KRE. It’s designed for convenience and ease.

Happy Testing