How my co-workers can see test results?

Hi Guys,

Im trying to integrate Katalon with Jenkins.
It’s kinda working we can run test by commands now but how my co-workers can see results of tests?

You need to pick something to monitor test result. It can be either Katalon analytic or any other platform.

@wolczoskar When you will integrate Katalon with Jenkins then your co-workers can see the results on Jenkins dashboard. You can create a separate view for them. Its totally upto you. If the project you are integrating with Jenkins is configured with Analytics then the results will be published in Analytics as well.

use the publish plugin in jenkins to make available the html generated report. or use a dedicated webserver (apache, nginx … your choice)

Does anyone know how the heck i can install this plugin?

@wolczoskar Use the same account that you have activated your Katalon studio with and then install the plugin using same on katalon store. Once that is done you would need to go back to the Katalon Studio and do reload plugin.

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@wolczoskar -
You could also just have it send out an email with the test results. You can configure the email to contain whatever information you want from the test, along with error reports and other things. It will be fired off after the script is done performing, once per test suite.