How can I include external libraries on TestCloud?

How can I include my external libraries (.jar) on the TestCloud execution? (using Trial Version)

I’m using “ashot-1.5.4.jar” and “javax.mail-1.6.2.jar”

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Hi @patricio.rodriguez

Sorry for the late response. If you’ve included the external binaries within your Katalon project, then they should be available when executing with TestCloud. Is this not the case for you? It’d be helpful to have the execution logs in TC versus execution logs in KS/KRE.

I asume that including the .jar files in the Drivers folder is enough. Isn’t it?

This Test Cases don’t fail using KS.
Also I’ve run this TCs on a Docker Image, they ran correctly.

Here the logs:
error-stack-trace(check email).txt (2.2 KB) stdout(check email).log (9.7 KB) error-stack-trace(Image compare).txt (1.9 KB) stdout(Image compare).log (13.2 KB)

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