External jar not work in testcase, it works in testsuite

Hello everyone,

I imported Katalon external jar and used testcase.
The internal jar code I imported does not work in testcase, it works in testsuite.

Can you help me?

Hello and thank you for your post,

Can you please share more details on the results and what happens when its not working? Also- what renders correctly in testsuite?

Any additional details will help us work on your issue with you.
Best, Sara

Thanks for the reply,

I added Project > Settings > Library Management external jars.
As soon as I add the external jar to Import, the testcase cannot be run at all.
When I press the Run button, the testcase is saved, but it doesn’t run and it doesn’t give any errors.

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Stick around and wait for these guys to show up:

@bionel @kazurayam


I do not understand the original post.
I can not reproduce what you did,
Please have a look at the following guidance, and provide more of concrete information what you did.


I added the Library Management external jar, which I blurted out in the screenshot.
In the testcase import I called the code inside the external jar.
The test case does not run when I press the test case run button.
The test case works when the same test case is in the test suite.

Sorry, I can not understand you.

Hi @ozgenur.koc,

Please share the log in Console tab, the screenshot of Problem view and the error log file

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