External Libraries (jar file)

Hi, I found several threads about adding external libraries. Simplest way to do is to copy a jar file into Katalons Drivers folder. Works, I can check within Project settings > External Libraries.
But if I want to use it by e.g. import com.company.trial I always get “unable to resolve class”.

Is there really nothing more to do then copying into the Drivers folder? Nothing to set concerning CLASSPATH or PATH or … ?

I created a very very simple jar file with just two very simple methods to try this import. What could be a reason that Katalon doesn’t recognize my library?

Thanks for any hint!

use menu to add external libraries … simple copy will not be enough
(since i’m on my raspberry this is from memory:)
Project > External Libraries > Add - Katalon will copy libs by itself ans incorporate them to all paths it needs

Ok, it was my mistake with the JAR file. I didn’t pack the whole package structure into the jar, just the class only. That’s why Katalon couldn’t find the class within the package.