Helping a new user get started; can't open any projects

I’m trying to get a new user started on Katalon Studio, but opening any project (including the first available sample project) results in Katalon Studio freezing at “Initializing project’s classpath…”

Any ideas? We’ve tried running KS as an admin and I’m currently having him reinstall with version 5.10.1 rather than 6

Wise move. 6x, to put it mildly, is proving a problem child right now.

Normally I’d suggest you clean the project (File/Clean up…) but I’m guessing you have very little to clean anyway.

just to have good starting point, please try to ensure (check)
KS nor it’s projects are on network drive, user have R/W access to KS directory and project directory…
what else … try to execute KS as admin if that helps check privileges …
also please provide log from KS