unable to open project

I installed our latest version of Katalon. i.e. 6.2.
When I am going to open my project then I am getting below error:

Could you please check and let us know the correct solution for this.

Thanks and Regards,

@duyluong Please take a look.

As a temporary work-around you might want to install a previous version of Katalon Studio. One fixed you can upgrade to the fixed version.

I tried with previous version 6.1.5. But still I am facing same error message.

But earlier it was working on 6.1.5. But now I am not able to access my project :frowning:

  1. Close/ Kill all open instance of Katalon Studio, Clear /Cache temp files.
  2. Delete the .project file from project folder.
  3. Also delete Folder: <Katalon_Studio_installed_folder>config\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources then reopen Katalon Studio again.

could you send .project file in here?


Please find attached Zip folder
It contain .project as well as my project file.

Thanks and Regards,
Aniruddha MayekarFiles.zip (1.5 KB)

I mean .project not your prj file see the image, it may be hidden, you can just show the hidden file and send me the file 01%20PM

Hi @all,

Just delete the .project file and open KS again.


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I have attached both files.
My project file and .project file also.
Please unzip that folder. It contains 2 files

Hello All,

I have deleted .project file and it’s working normally.

Thanks a lot for your valuable help.

Thanks and Regards,
Aniruddha Mayekar

FYI Aniruddha

This cause the problem, maybe you have conflict in git and still commit the conflict or else

yes i think so…
But thanks for your valuable help and information.

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anytime, would be much help to the others if you can mark as solved the answer from duyluong