[HELP]How do i get a value in a variable?

I'm learning in the area of ​​automationI created an automation where a registration is made and at the end the site returns an idI created a variable with the command "store | 0 | num" and I want to put the value that the site returns me in this variable, how do I?The page preview is:<input type = "text" caption = "ID of account" name = "account.operationId" onfocus = "updateActualFocus ('textField9'); readonly = "readonly" onkeydown = "return false;" id = "textField9" class = "text-field_disable_short" onblur = "updateActualFocus ('null'); value = "9473475">I need to put in the variable "num" the value 9473475How do I do that?Thank you for your help!

Hey @8072-Fabio,

Katalon team did prepare a sample project for Katalon Recorder in which you can explore/learn various topics for automation testing. Please take a look here.

Thank you for choosing Katalon products,