Simple Comment Box into Variable

Hello - I use the Katalon Recorder.

I want to the following simple steps using Katalon:

(1) Ask for name. For example, comment pop-up “Enter your name”.
(2) Store this into a variable.
(3) Go to
(4) Paste the variable (the name) into the search box in Google.

I don’t understand how I can accomplish the first two steps. Can anyone please help? Thank you.

You can try storevalue or storetext to store variables. The specific judgment is based on the tags in the html. As shown in the picture, I am a Chinese user and cannot use Google search to provide you with a demonstration. The target in the picture needs to enter the xpath of the element.

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Hi @novice_user

Please download and open the test suit below to see if It helps.

Prompt for input and type into Google.html (1.6 KB)

Here’s an image for reference:

The first step executes a piece of Javascript to open a prompt and returns the input to a variable. Then it goes to Google and types the value of the variable into the search bar.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thank you so much. Downloaded this and worked.

Didn’t work for me but this did:

Screenshot 2021-06-25 144525

Now, can someone could tell me how to write userinput into a csv file?

Hi @trust

Please refer to this docs, it shows how to load values from CSV file into variables and use them in your automation.