Store and reuse values

Is there a way for me to call back an input from a previous page in a web-form without specifying the value, such that if the form is automated again with a different value, the recorder will run smoothly?

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the suggestion. Could you please give me more details about your use case so that I can understand it better?

Thank you for the interest.

So i’m automating a web-form. there are fields like IDs that would be entered on one page, then when on the next page, the entered ID would still be there
(but in-editable) and I would like to verify that field on a new page matches what was entered in the first page without entering the ID itself in Value. This way if the tester in the future runs the suite for a single page, the suite would still run even if the initially entered ID varies every test round.

This is a rather long passage, but do you get it? Sorry if it’s confusing.

Sorry I think it’s only possible if the value is stored inside a JavaScript variable or the page’s HTML.

i guess it’s possible …
We can try to store ID value in var1 then on the other page to get data from the field and store to var2 after that compare variables

Command: verifyEval 
Target: storedVars['var1'] == storedVars['var2'] 
Value: true
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