๐ŸŽ‰ Hats off to 16 Community Top Contributors in Q2

Dear Community members,

Letโ€™s send our warmest welcome to the new 16 Community Top Contributors in Q2 of 2022. They are the most active and supportive users who have been raising a lot of helpful discussions with our community.

Thanks to their dedicated effort and recognizable expertise, our community has been growing friendly and thrivingly thus far. :confetti_ball:

Without further ado, itโ€™s time to say hi to our valued forum contributors:

:pushpin: Note:
:white_check_mark: Helpful discussions: Topics, replies and solutions that help solve a problem, create a discussion or engage the forum with useful information.
:heart: Hearts received: By providing helpful topics, replies and solutions, Contributors receive Hearts as appreciation from other users at our forum.

You can show your interest and recognition to Contributors by giving them Likes/Hearts and Solution Marks, check this guide here!

Hopefully, with their continued support, our Katalon Community will reach more mutual support and stronger connections.

Katalon Community Team.