Getting "This is a Katalon Studio Enterprise feature" if trying to click on Self Healing plugin

Hi Team,

We have just received our licenses today and thus we downloaded the latest Katalon version which is 7.6.0. However, if I click on Enable Self-Healing or try to use “Run from here” option, it states that “This is a Katalon Studio Enterprise feature. Curious to know about it”.

Please help us as we are finding it difficult to work on the new Katalon tool as for everything it gives us the same error.

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With Regards,
Rahul Maitra


If you go to About in your KS, do you see it says Katalon Studio Enterprise. It may be the case that you haven’t been assigned a KSE license by your organization’s owner.

Online License: Only the registered users who are added to the Register Users list can use online licenses.

If you haven’t, then please do that and re-activate KS.

Yes, you are correct. When I click on About, I see the Katalon Studio instead of Katalon Studio Enterprise.

Please let me know how do I get the KSE tool? The owner has already added me to the Registered Users.

Please be notified that I was using Katalon Studio version 7.4.0 and 7.2.1 earlier with my Business email ID. Does that affect my installation of KSE tool? Please advise.