Getting the Problem while committing and pushing the Testcases in GitLab

Issue: I’m getting the “push error” while pushing the test cases in the Gitlab. I can able to clone the project but when I made some changes push it then it showing this issue when click on the commit and push button.

Steps I have followed:

  1. On 1 machine: create a set of test cases and create a test suite for them
  2. Run the test suite on the machine 1
  3. Do the first commit or commit the changes to Gitlab
  4. On the machine 2 > clone the project from Gitlab
  5. On the machine 2 remove some test cases from the test suite
  6. On the machine 2 save changes > run the test suite > commit changes to the same branch in Gitlab
  7. on the machine 2 > click on the commit and push button> error occured


Do you receive full error log?