Unable to push to Git from Katalon Studio

Hello all,

I am currently unable to push to my git repository. When I push I am able to commit but when I push from Katalon Studio I get the following error message:


When I try to fetch to see if any changes have been made to the repository that would be preventing the push I get:


For context: This is the first commit to the repository after my initial commit of test cases. I am also the only one making any changes to the repository.


You painted everything black. Nothing is readable. It seems you want others to know nothing about you. Then how can others help you?

However you forgot to hide a word “rejected”. It indicates that the host sees that you don’t have appropriate certification to push anything to the host.

Please disclose the hostname of the URL of the remote repository to which you want to push your stuff. Unless the hostname is disclosed, others can advise you nothing.

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Are you using the key as password for commit and push actions in GIT?

Please distinuguish GitHub from git.

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I could see the rejected - non-fast-forward message, you can refer to this document on how to resolve it: Dealing with non-fast-forward errors - GitHub Docs

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