Push Git and Katalon ( Authetic fail )

Hello Friend,

I try do Git :

  • Clone - Push - Commit : Not Work

I will try to see Guide : https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/tutorials/git_integration_introduction.html
But The Authetic is fail

Anyone can help me out

Thank you

Some Pics


did you put username and password into the form as shown in the image?

HI Brian

I put Username & Passs for Authetic Gitlab , but still not work

Thank you

it seems that repository .git is missed. Could you double check that information?

Hello Brian ,

Thank your Idea to make another solution
1/ I using Eclipse to Push .git
2/ Eclipse check : SSH and Accept

Unfortunately, Katalon Git tool does not support SSH mode
Appreciate your idea is useful

Thank you

Go to Window->Katalon Studio Preferences->Team->Git->Configuration->Repository settings (tab) change there the “url” from something like this “git@gitlab.com:…” (SSH) to something like this “https://gitlab.com/…” (HTTPS) - you can get those URLs from your Repo’s “Clone” button drop-down.