Getting "Connection failed! Communications link failure" error for MySql connection


I am getting “Connection failed! Communications link failure” error for MySql connection. I have given JDBC driver in correct format and valid user credentials in Database section in Katalon>Project>Settings.
Getting this issue only when we connected to client’s VPN.
For other DB where no VPN required, I am able to connect to DB successfully.
At the same time I am able to telnet the port and able connect the database from my system manually.
Please let me know, any settings required when connected to client’s VPN or anything cleared from client’s side?

Thanks in advance.

Ravi B

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I am evaluating if Katalon can be a good tool for the company but to do some tests for the tool I need to connecto to the data base, throught un VPN. I need to ckeck values inserted are the rights ones.

Could you solve the problem ? I will have the same situation since the connextion to data base is through VPN and I would like to know how I can pass through it

Please help it also occurs to me. The custom keyword which contains connection to Database was looping unended and failed to retrieved any data from the Database. Please tell us if you have any workaround to fix this issue. I need the solution so I can WFH (using VPN) due to COVID-19 pandemic in my country. Thanks

Hi ravi, do you have any solution yet to this problem ?

Hi thodo_timoteus,

I got this issue resolved long back. The issue was with the user credentials I was using. now problem got solved.
Ravi B