"Communications link failure" when creating connection to mysql DB

I’m a new Katalon user, with version 8.6.8.
I’ve copied the same DB connection parameters as a work colleague for whom this works.
I have the JDBC driver installed and configured, just like my colleague.

When I press “Test Connection” on the Project->Settings-Database screen, I get:
“Connection failed! Communications link failure”.

The DB credentials are correct

Thanks for your help!

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Please connect your database team and check all information is correct.

Thank you for your reply.

but as I mentioned the DB credentials are correct.
the only place I cant connect to the DB is in katalon.

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check the JDBC driver configuration required while connecting to database

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make sure you have downloaded and imported mysql connector properly in your project, see:

you can also try to connect to the DB with another tool, e.g DBeaver, to make sure you don’t have issues with your networking: