frequently reponds empty view[Uploading: Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 19.34.11.png…]()

Recently (perhaps in this 1 week or 2), The respons empty views as follows:

I inquried Add Minutes to datetime - #19 by katalon9
at around Tue Dec 5 18:28:22 Asia/Tokyo timezone

I checked its DOM using DevTools — I found that in the DOM there is no content HTML nodes in the empty pane.

Katalon should be able to find the request & response message in the access log of the web server.

Mainly I use Chrome v119.0.6045.199.

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Thank you for raising the issue with us. Do you receive a similar empty view with other posts or at other times? From my side, I did not face this error. I will ask my team to verify the situation and if you face it too regularly, please let us know.

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