Floating Licenses Timeouts

We are using KSE floating licenses. I just noticed (in the license utilization section of TestOps) that some sessions have remained open for several days at a time. I will be emailing the team asking everyone to close Katalon when it’s not in use, but I wanted to know if there is a way to set an inactivity timeout for license usage?

I found this link below, but I’m not sure if this is for KSE floating licenses (as opposed to login to TestOps for example)…
Configure Session Timeout | Katalon Docs

Assuming that the above link is for limiting license usage, my next question is what it means by " all inactive users in your organization will be logged out after the number of minutes you have determined". If a user is running a test, for example, would this still be considered as being active? If someone’s written a test that takes several hours to run, I don’t want them being disconnected.

Can anyone help please?

Hi @gengland

If you already have a KSE floating licenses then I suggest you create a Zendesk ticket so that our support system can see and provide support in a timely manner.