Question on moving/renaming root folders (IE Test Cases, Test Suites)

Recently we’ve merged QA’s Repo and Production’s code together.

Once both repos were merged I then consolidated all Katalon related files and folders into one folder in file explorer locally. When I opened Katalon back up I saw that all root folders and files regenerated (duh, I should’ve remembered this).

Further, while I did see my new folder that housed all my test cases, test suites, object repository, etc… Katalon no longer opened them up as it previously did (I think it treats it like some text file or something).

Question 1: Is there a way to house all root folders generated by Katalon under one folder and have Katalon still recognize the files for what they are (IE. My test case files are all still .tc but are treated as text files)

Question 2: Is there a way to stop Katalon regenerating specific folders if they are not present in the root of the project (Such as Test Cases, Object Repository, etc) while still maintaining it regenerating other things (Such as .classpath file, Libs folder, etc)?

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I will ask my team and back to you soon.


Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re asking the team. :slight_smile:

It might help if you take a screenshot of your folders as they appear on disk. It’s not clear to me if your files are descended from your project root folder or not.

Sure. This is the root of the project. I created “_Automation (Katalon)” folder so it would be near the top of the folder list within the software itself. I then checked Reports, Object Repositories, Profiles, Test Cases, etc into said folder.

Once I opened Katalon back up, all those folders I moved into “_Automation (Katalon)” regenerated in the root of the project (but just the folders, not the contents). The original folders remain in the “_Automation (Katalon)” folder but when I click on my test cases or web services they do not open as they used to (see image example of a GET that opens as a text file).

Root of Project

Inside the _Automation (Katalon) folder

As the folders appear in Katalon

Web Service File within _Automation (Katalon) folder

I believe we’ve resolved this on our own.

Our solution was to clone the repo fresh through VS first. Then through the file explorer move all Katalon related files to the subfolder we wanted. After that on Katalon open a new project and select the folder created from the beginning.

This doesn’t get around folders regenerating if found missing but it does allow for Katalon to live outside of the root of the project. Obviously the regenerating files/folders if missing is more a feature than not it was annoying to work around in my particular instance. I do wish I could rename/restruct folders at the root level but I can live without that.

Tentatively we’ve even been able to push changes back up to our branches and everything so far is working as expected.

Thanks for your time everyone.