[feature][email] please add section for passed and other section for fail tcs

Hello community in my test suite running all time daily in night i need to send email.

What i wonna ? :

  1. Add new section in email named email template for fail
    different subject and rec.
  2. Rename old for passed
  3. Add template for fails
  4. Rename template old for templat for passes
  5. For fail tc grab params from template for fail, email template for fails.
  6. For passed tcs grab params from template for passed, email template for passed.

Checkbox is avaiable to send only fail or all its very good.

But i need :
Different bettween passed or fail tc
What we need ?

Two email template

one section for fail, one section for all passed

and if you grab email you get eg.



that eg. for topic
and template make different for passed and fail tss.

Ty so much if u make it !!!