Customisation of the email template


I have 2 questions regarding customisation of the email template, is it possible to:

  1. Display the error message that is displayed when a test fails? I have found useful information given in the console and having this in the email report would be helpful.

  2. Attach screenshots to the email report? Im taking screenshots at the end of my test suite that determine whether a test passes or fails. The capability to attach screenshots when a test has failed would be very useful.

I have looked over the documentation at but i cant see any more advanced options. I have very basic Groovy skills but would be happy to explore coding this functionality is this isn’t available out the box. Does anyone have any ideas?


Would the above be more of a feature enhancement?

As an alternative, is there a way to trigger other tasks ( for example a shell script / Groovy script of some kind ) when a test case or test suite has finished? It would be very useful to send an email with the test report attached to it.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

I need to customized the Katlon Logo with my own logo in edit template Report . I have done same in the edit template window . But when I run the test suite the email are not receiving on the given mail recipient. When I revert this change , it works fine. Any suggestion for this issue…

Yeah the same error I am also getting. You can try to get error, after changing the own logo try to send test email. You will get the exact error.
If anyone provide some help on it then it would be good.