Customization of Email Template in Katalon

Is there any possible ways to customize the Katalon Email Template to include the test case name and test case result individually ? instead of total passed and total failed?

  • It Will be helpful if declared global variables can be added to Email Template and print the value stored in variables.

  • Customization should happen in template level.

  • Email Should be sent results along with each and every test case result state through ?

I am having same issue.
I want to add test case name along with pass / fail in Email.

Is there any way to add this feature in a email template.

There is no such option to get the individual result in the email template but while downloading the CSV file as you are able to see the individual result report under reports folder.

Hi ,
Katalon has improved a lot from the day it started its development
Based on peoples suggestion ,Now is there a way to add test name in email template.