Failure: result too large when take screenshots in mobile


It allows me to take screenshots in the mobile keywords by default. I have tried to add it in different steps to take screenshots but the result shows me the message “(Result too large)”. And no screenshot can be taken and showed in the report. Is anyone experienced the same issue too?


@Katalon_Studio @devalex88 @ThanhTo hello , please help me …


@Vinh_Nguyen hello , please help me for this topic…


Hi @emine,

Does this issue appear on PDF report only?



Hello @duyluong

no , all reports


Hi @emine,

This issue is caused by the image taken from your device is too large so it cannot be embedded into the reports. We will consider to fix this issue in the basic report plugin soon.

For more details, please share us the device model that will help us resolve quickly.



helle @duyluong

Device model is samsung j7 pro