Mobile screenshot not displayed on reports

I need confirmation on Mobile.takeScreenshot(). It’s not adding the image files onto report outputs.

Is that pending enhancements or is it designed that way because limitations and such?

Since WebUI.takeScreenshot() is working and adding image files onto report, could you please make the mobile work the same way too?

Thank you,

Best Regards

This issue has been fixed in our latest version 4.7. Please double check it again. Thanks for using Katalon Studio.

Hi Hanh, In Mobile screenshot. There is still an issue.

Using this Does Not Work
Mobile UI Keyword —> Mobile.takeScreenshot(‘Screenshot_3_Letter_bob’, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

Using this Works
Web UI Keyword —> WebUI.takeScreenshot()

So Workaround in Mobile is to use. Web UI Keyword WebUI.takeScreenshot().
I am using Katalon Version: 5.3.0.