Why my report have 2 images from 1 Take Screenshot

Excuse me,
I want only one image to be displayed in one command.

  1. Create iOS automate test script, I use Mobile.takeScreenshot(’/Users/…/Login1.png’)
  2. Create test suite and run with iOS
  3. On report has 2 images
    14:22:10.393 PASSED Tapped on element ‘Object Repository/TestLogin/XCUIElementTypeStaticText - Log Out’

TEST STEP: takeScreenshot("/Users/…/Login1.png")
Start / End / Elapsed: 2021-07-19 14:22:10.394 / 2021-07-19 14:22:10.520 / 00:00:00.126
14:22:10.514 PASSED Screenshot is taken
(This show image)

14:22:10.515 PASSED Screenshot is taken
(This show image)

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Hi @jutarat.n Do you have any answere? i have same same issue with your problem

Hi, same with me.
when run test suite and open pdf report, I look 2 same screenshot.

anyone have clue or solution for this?