Failing to Upload Reports from Katalon Recorder to Katalon Analytics

I’m trying to upload execution log reports from Katalon Recorder to Katalon Analytics, but every time I click the “Reports” button, the pop up tells me to log in to Katalon Analytics (Beta) first and try again.
When I click the “Katalon Analytics (Beta)” link on the pop up, I’m redirected to my Katalon Analytics Home page (because I’m already logged in).
So I find myself continuing in this kind of loop, without ever getting the option to actually upload the Reports. I’ve tried looking around YouTube for helpful videos but none of them seems to be helping. Any help given here will be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem.

This issue has been fixed. Please try again and let me know.

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So, it’s seems to have been resolved (partly) on Chrome, because now when i click the button to upload the reports, I get the pop up saying “Execution logs have been uploaded successfully.”
(This only happens in Chrome though)
I’ve had to rerun all the suites though, in order to get the reports visible.