Uploading log files in the Katalon Recorder

When my test suite failed, I tried to upload the result to the Katalon Test Ops. This is what happens when I click the red text saying “Upload this execution to the Katalon Test Ops”

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Can you explain in more detail about the problem you are facing? From screenshot, I do not see any problem.

Hi. On the screenshot I provided there are 3 overlapping pop-up windows. Are we seeing the same thing?

Oh OK, all 3 jumps right after you click “Upload this …” right? Until now, after reloading, are you still facing it? Can you give us more information about the scenario you are facing?

Yes. Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. In your Katalon setting, disable the self-healing execution AND choose the option to Stop the test execution when there’s a test failure.
  2. Create a test script and make sure it will fail.
  3. After the test case failed, you’ll see something like below.
  4. Click the “Upload this execution to Katalon Test Ops”, and the bug will be reproduces.