External JDBC Driver is not recognized when connecting to SQL Server 2019 database / User login denied

I want to connect Katalon Studio to MSSQL Server 2019. Therefore, I downloaded the JDBC driver mssql-jdbc-12.2.0.jre8.jar and added it to the Library Management.

Next step: I entered user and password to the database (the data is redacted in the screenshot), as well as the JDBC driver name and the Connection URL

When clicking ‘Test Connection’ I get the error message displayed above “No suitable driver found”

I left JDBC driver empty, entered .jar and also .Driver, but nothing helps. I also used the built-in JDBC driver 6.2.2 by entering ‘sqlserver-6.2.2’ into ‘jDBC driver’ field. Same error message appears

When clicking again ‘Test Connection’ button I get the error message “Login for user … failed”. Although the user has valid access to the database.

Can anyone help by checking which JDBC Driver I should use and how to install it? Also why my user credentials are not accepted although they are valid?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ruedigerl ,
I can connect to the MS SQL Server 2019 fine with mssql-12.2.0.jar like you. I’m using Katalon Studio version 8.5.5
May I ask which version are you using?
Also, you can download DBeaver tool and try your connection if it is right or wrong and can connect to the database or not.

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Hi Semileo,

Thanks a lot for your input.

I requested help from our database analyst and it works finally. Instead of using my own credentials I am using now a different user having same user roles. Furthermore the initial Connection URL I used was incorrect.

Both is fixed now and I can connect to SQL Server :grinning:


Glad to hear you solve it. Thank you for using Katalon Studio.

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