Exporting Reports in HTML not received


  1. I have a test suite collection AND test suite.
  2. Project > settings > Plugins > Report > all is checked (html, csv, JUnit, PDF)
  3. Project > settings > Email > Report format > all is checked (html, csv, JUnit, PDF)
  4. I run my test suite collection in console mode
  5. I run my test suite in console mode

** I expect to receive an email with all formats (html, csv, JUnit, PDF) **
** I didn’t receive all formats, only PDF, execution.properties, execution0.log **

Is a patch in progress ? Scheduled ?

Thanks !

go to Katalon store > Login > My Account > Security > Copy (or create) your API key
Add the api to your console command -apiKey=“YOUR_KEY_GOES_HERE”

It could be interesting to add this information to the doc about Console Mode Execution.