After execution of Test suite, In the email, only PDF file is attached BUT NOT HTML & CSV files even though I have selected in Project settings

In the Project Settings → Email, I have selected “Include report as email attachment” and selected “HTML File”, “CSV File” and “PDF File” options
After my test suite is executed, only the PDF file is attached to the email that I got from Katalon.

I am using Katalon Studio 6.1.5 build 3

AND In the Reports folder, when I right click on any report, I used to see an “Export as” option in previous versions of Katalon. In Katalon 6.1.5, there is no option says “Export as”.

Yaaaa…I am also facing same issue with katalon 6.1.5 build 3…I am Unable to see any HTML and CSV files attachments to the email that I got from katalon whenever I execute my test suite.

Hi @kazurayam
Do you have any idea about this?

Thanks in advance :grinning: