Export report to PDF

I would like to export the report to PDF file…
My problem is that the page is waiting to long to charge.

Need help! :slight_smile:

How many test cases did you have in the report? Did the process finish eventually?

I have more than 10, and the process finish didn’t eventually (failed)

How about trying to allocate more memory to Katalon Studio provided that you have enough physical memory.


I checked my katalon.ini now. I found I have


Approximately 2GB. This is the default size set by the distributed zip of Katalon Studio.

My Mac has 4GB physical memory. Therefore I should specify -Xmx less than 4000m.

Faly, how much of physical memory do you have? Provided that your PC has 4GB, you may try extending -Xmx such as:


I suppose that Katalon Studio is designed to consume larger memory for generating PDF in proportion to the number of test cases contained in the Report. Faly’s report contains more than 10 and he/she experienced problem. By extending -Xmx one would hopefully manage to finish generating PDF this time. However, when one try a PDF report which contains 100 test cases, Katalon Studio would require 10 times larger memory. Katalon Studio seems not to be tolerant enough for large set of test cases in a report with a limited size of memory. So, you should be reminded that there is a upper limit of Report size accordingly to the physical memory size of your PC.

In short, you should mind either of

  • do not make your report too large
  • get PC with larger physical memory to host larger -Xmx for Katalon Studio to let it generate a large PDF

Thank you #kazurayam #devalex88 !!
I’m on Windows , So I try your tips now and we will see!! :slight_smile:

i found Katalon.ini and that’s what I see there…so I won’t change because the Xmx4048m ?

Grateful thanks

How much of physical memory do you have on your PC? 8GB? 16GB?

HP i5 and 8g of memory

You can try allocating maximum virtual memory near to but smaller than 8GB. For example, how about trying:


So I edit the katalon.ini and change values? OK

After editing it, stop and restart Katalon Studio.

If anything horrible occurs, edit the katalon.ini back to the original.

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it works! and faster than before.
THANK YOU #kazurayam !

Hi everyone,

Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 is enhanced to reduce memory consumption by adding some JVM options.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 7.0.0 (beta).



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