HTML reports taking hours to generate because Katalon takes automatic screenshots

I am automating 10 iterations of some long flows. But the HTML report is taking around 3-4 hours to generate because whenever I use verifyElementPresent, verifyElementClickable, verifyElementVisible, Katalon is taking automatic screenshots which is making the html files huge.

Is there a way that we can turn off this feature of Katalon.

Choose Project > Settings > Report
There you will find “Take screenshot when execution failed” option. Toggle it off.

the HTML report is taking around 3-4 hours …

Your test suite is possibly big and requires large memory to run. Try allocating larger memory for Katalon Studio. Then your test suite will get faster.

See the following post for background information.

Possiblly you have this default value in katalon.ini


You can change this to -Xmx4096m or -Xmx8192m or even lager depending how large physical memory your PC has.

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Yes, it worked. Thank you.

The following post may help you as well to reduce to memory consumption: