Execution Settings


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The execution settings for Android doesn’t work, whenever I try to execute a test using a custom settings, Katalon says no device found, when I execute it from the default settings (custom setting have the same settings) it works. There is some kind of bug here.


This documentation could be in need of an update, since the menu structure shown is not the same as in version 6.1.
In 6.1, there is no subsection under “Execution”, but there is a new “Desired Capabilities” section which contains “Custom”, “Web UI” and “Mobile”.
I would love to be able to use some sort of global variable when defining the Desired Capabilities, but this does not seem to be possible at the moment?


I have problem with the Test Suite Collection and especially with the ( Run with ) row
There is no option like ( chrome , IE , Edge , Firefox )
there is only : Web Service.
I tried from the
( Setting => Execution => Desired Capabilities => Custom )
to find solution , but i cant

I tried to find the solution also in Katalon Docs but this is what i found https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/execution-settings.html#default-execution-settings

can you please help me ?