Execution between UAT and PROD environment. having problem in PROD it's running slowly

UAT duration: 59 secs

PROD Duration: 4mins and 32 secs

I can not read any characters in the screenshot you attached. Too small characters. Can you see it? I am afraid you haven’t checked how the image would look for others.

Hi @kazurayam sorry for that. I run it again for UAT and PROD. Please see the screenshot below:

UAT: 30.428 seconds

PROD: 4m - 12.199 seconds

Please make your window smaller.— half width x half height.

Then the image will become easier to see with larger character.

hello! @kazurayam can you try to save on your computer my screenshot provided then zoom it. Actually I provided a duration between UAT and PROD. My problem is I always used UAT profile to debug my code and after switching PROD profile then run my script, it running slowly.

@kazurayam are you katalon support? can we call, so I want to show you properly. thanks

@Katalon_team @Andrej_Podhajsky @Elly_Tran @ThanhTo @thanh.tung.170861 hi team, can you help me check this issue? thanks in advance

Hi @qekarltesting, welcome to our Katalon Community. This is a support community with contributions of our global users. If you are our paid customer, please submit your issue via this support portal Katalon Help Center. Thank you.

Hi @vu.tran yah! I subscribed w/ katalon testops. Please help me on this issue.

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Hi @qekarltesting sure thing, if you are subscibing our paid products, our support team will receive your ticket immediately and will provide support within their SLA. Thanks.

Hi @vu.tran this is my account w/ subscription.

No, I am not.

hi @vu.tran qekarltesting is my dummy account. sorry my bad. I will use now my account w/ subscription.

i saved your image and zoomed it. It looked like this:


I can hardly read this, and it is frustrating to try to.

The image was resized when you uploaded to this forum page. The image lost readability.

hi @kazurayam please use this screenshot not the first one

The screenshot tells that your test case ran slowly, and no more.

I have no idea why your test case runs slowly.

I will quit.

hi @kazurayam I don’t think if my test cases or profiles (UAT and PROD) is the problem. bcoz once I run the login part using UAT it works fine like 30 seconds duration but when I switch profile using PROD then run again, its running slowly now


@QEKM you are wasting the time of the community with inconsistent messages.
Since you have a licence, please open a case with Katalon oficcial support.

Thank you!


Hi @qekarltesting thank you for sharing this with our community. As a paid user, please share more details with our support team via Support Portal. And thank you @kazurayam and @bionel for all the great support and patience. Thank you for always supporting community users with grace! Happy thanksgiving guys!