Executing Katalon in Jenkins failing due to missing java environment

I came across this issue when trying to execute my tests in jenkins and im kinda stuck on this,
couldnt find any solutions for that.
Will appreciate any help

  1. Install OpenJDK 8 on your Ubuntu (NOT Oracle JDK). You can find the installation steps here. Once you finish the installation, your OpenJDK information is displayed when you execute java -version command.

Im working on windows and using jenkins on chrome browser

You seem to have wrong version of Katalon distribution. The following message tells that you have the Katalon for Linux.

How do i “download” version for windows then? Will that even matter in jenkins?
I was using this tutorial to set it up : How to use Katalon plugin for Jenkins on Windows
And how that resolve the issue with no JRE ?

I do not have enough experience.


Could you support him?

you have to install java on the jenkins agent (which seems to be a linux machine)
if you don’t know how to setup jenkins properly speak with your IT guys or who is in charge with maintaining it.

Hi @wolczoskar

Pleas provide the image in which your Jenkins build configuration is visible.

Here are the screenshots of configuration, from what i know java is installed on our jenkins agent

How do you know that? From the screenshots posted we have no clue about the selected agent and the capabilities