Emails Settings


Hi Team,
I still have this issue to send email by Katalon using office365:

and I did the setting as u suggested above.
is it impacted this issue if we use Authenticator app to approve login office365?


I had the same issue. Just run the Test and see if you get an email. Even if i was not able to send a test mail, i receive email for my test suite. :thinking: I think this is a bug in Katalon Studio.


It would indeed be great to have a variable for execution profile!

Hm I did not experience this issue. When test email was working, test suite email was working, too, and when test email was not working, there was indeed a certificate or authentication issue.


HI team
I am also facing same issue, I tried all above methods but issue is not yet solved.
and we are using the protocol suggest me some ideas ASAP
THANKS in advance


Is there anyway can we change the subject line dynamically? I want to show total number of failures in the subject line?


Hi everyone
I actually have configured the Email property of my project settings to send the HTML report as attachement.
Last friday II was receiving the email with the attachement, today I don’t have the attachement.
In fact, today, if I configure it to send me all the attachements (HTML file, CSV file, PDF file and Log files) the email contains only the Log files.

Did anyone faced a situation like that one and knows how to solve it ?

Thanks in advance.


I’m new to Katalon. Only log files got attached for me also. Tried to config to send email with attachments of all report formats. I looked at the report container folder and there are no html, pdf, nor csv. Where can I find these report formats?


I tried every settings for gmail and outlook. Yet I am unable to send test email


yes i have faced this issue and still not have found a way…


It was working earlier all sudden it statred thronging error –


Hey Dinesh, did u get a workaround for this?


We started using Jenkin’s Email functionality where you have more finer control over the email settings. The tricky part is you have to write a groovy DSL script to read the CSV report to calculate the number of Pass, Failed or/and Error.

Hope this helps for you.


I think the port setting is completely ignored in Katalon Studio 6.2.2 when the securityProtocol is “None”.

I am trying to send an email from a Katalon Docker container to a MailCatcher container (host “mailcatcher” port 1025).

It always fails with a warning that connection to host “mailcatcher” on port “25” is refused. It is like the port is completely ignored


i should get the same error, and i try to enable the POP/IMAP on my mail konfigurations and it’s work on me


Our SMTP server does not require authentication, but I can’t test it without entering credentials, is there a way to do this?


Its working fine…issue was , we need to keep update our system password here as well, in case its updated in AD.

my email setting is working fine, only problem is
1 while customizing email text like n place of “Katalon Studio” if i put any other image(company logo) it started throwing error.


Hello All,
As of 8/30/19, I was suddenly unable to send emails over; whether I set Port 25, 587, or 465; whether I set authentication to TLS, SSL, or None.
I also edited the “” file inside the Project folder, to ensure Port #s were being updated as expected.
In gmail, I have “less secure apps” allowed.
(Previous working settings were; Port 25; authentication TLS.)

Is anyone aware of a recent policy change, either on Katalon’s part, or Gmail’s part?
Thank you!



I have a new kind of problem in Version 6.3.3 on Windows.
The button “Send test email” stays grayed out even if i fill in information. What I am doing wrong?


Why does this happen? email settings.


Hello everyone.

perhaps someone can help, I am trying to add email credentials and get a never ending progress bar.
Any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!katalon%20progress%20bar