Emails Settings

This often is due to the username not being in the required format of an email address.
Try entering (even if this is a nonvalid email) and see if the test email button then is available.
If, like me, you don’t actually need an email address here, this won’t help but at least you will know why.

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Hi amurray,

thanks very much. This was indeed to problem. The username for our mailserver is NOT an email adress indeed. But if the username don’t have this form the button is blocked.

If I put as username the button becomes avaible. At least I know the problem now.


Guys I have the same problem with Gmail, you have to change Protocol TLS for SSL and will works

You have to use the same Username and Sender and the button “Send test email” will be clickable

Hi, I want to send report to my email every test execution, but tried to set it up and getting same error for gmail, yahoo and outlook accounts.

same issue , using katalon studio version 7.08

  1. Report folder is not available in project tree, though it is present at project location.
  2. can not send email .