Katalon project setting send test email is successful but the test case execution email i am not able to get it

katalon project setting send test email is successful but the test case execution email i am not able to get it


Could you please provide some more infromation on this issue.

Myabe have a watch of this video just to be sure that you have set everything up properly and that all your settings are correct.


Hi Harry,

Sending a test email works and my Gmail account settings are already allowing less secure apps. For some reason when my test suite completes, the send email process does not execute. I have the latest version; 6.1.5 build 3 (windows). Tests work just fine, but nothing after each execution.
So what I did was:

The only way to receive an email after a Test Suite is run, is to avoid checking the Project Settings - Email - Report Format - “Include report as email attachment” check box…When the check box is not selected I do get emails after execution. But of course the goal is to get the html reports and such. Please help. Thank you


And you have your correct email inputted in the mail reciepents under Execution infromation in the test suite? Ive added my settings as well as my email in the execution information for the suite. Just double check yours is the same. I have the exact same version and cannot replicate.

Right, Like i was mentioning earlier, i have a good email address there as a recipient email and also test email is coming through not the suite generated one.

Looking at your screen shot the only thing different is the Protocol: i am using TLS. You are using SSL for gmail. does that make any difference. ?

Thank you so much for looking into this.

Try and see what happens :crazy_face:


still no email when i switched from TLS to SSL


wow! wow ! and wow! . after spinning my wheels and spending whole morning and afternoon i figured it out. Yaay !

So here you go!

I tried to find out the root cause of the execution email issue. so this latest release katalon changed the Basic Report to Plugin. if you don’t have that Plugin installed in your Katalon you will not receive the execution email. which happened to me. so in order for the email to work we need to install the “Basic Report plugin” then after selecting all the report you like ex, html, csv and such. run the test and just like that you will have the execution report and all the attachment in a zip file.

Hey I am getting

error. While sending test email could you help on this

Please help to set Protocol to SSL. Make sure that all Fields: Host, Port do NOT contain white spaces. After that, your are able to Send test email.


Thank you @loc.nguyen worked for me. Also I change gmail setting as suggested in tutorial. But now I email trigger intermittently. Not every time I am getting email. Could you please help me on this