Email template could not be changed

Linux Ubuntu 18.04
Katalon Studio
Version: 6.2.0
Build: 1

When i got to project → settings → email → template
i can only see null in the template
if i modify the null to a text this is not saved and the content of email is always set to null

attachment of the report html in zip is working fine

@vinh-nga.huteau- can you check whether you sufficient right to modify file. grant access for read write and execute and then edit. hope it will work.

Hi @Ajeet_Kumar_Yadawa
thanks for you tip but where is the template file located ?

Modified the grant access for the file but still template is not getting saved. Please suggest what can be done.

File Location: Katalon_Studio_Linux_64-6.2.2/configuration/resources/template/email