[Email Customization] How to add a custom field to Project -> Email -> Template on Katalon Studio?

Hi team,

Our team are trying to create a variable to count the failed scripts by bugs then pass it to the Email Template on Project → Settings → Email → Templates. We have tried with 2 options:

  1. Create Global Variable then pass it to Email Template: When the test
    suite completed executing then the variable is reset to the original value
  2. Create a variable in Test Listener: We have tried to create a variable in a Test Listener then tried to call it in the Email Template but we got the error “No such property” when the Katalon converting the email to send it.

Is there any ways to keep the Global Variable value after executing the test suite or pass the variable from Test Listener to the Emal Template of Katalon? Thanks



I found this following guide: Share test reports via email in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs. Can you please follow it? Thank you!

Thanks for the response. We tried that way but the issue but the issue we got is after the Test Suite complete executing, the value of GlobalVariables is reset to original value, so we cannot pass the latest value to the Email body

As an alternative: Did you try creating a custom keyword which you can store data to a file and then fetch it if this other solution is not working, like the underneeth code example leveraging on file manipulation

package com.mycompany.testautomation.util

import com.kms.katalon.core.annotation.Keyword
import java.io.File
import java.io.FileInputStream
import java.io.FileOutputStream
import java.util.Properties

public class PropertiesFileManager {

    def writeValue(String key, int value) {
        Properties properties = new Properties()
        String filePath = "path/to/your/file.properties" // Adjust this path as necessary
        File file = new File(filePath)
        if (file.exists()) {
            properties.load(new FileInputStream(file))
        properties.setProperty(key, value.toString())
        properties.store(new FileOutputStream(file), null)

    def int readValue(String key) {
        Properties properties = new Properties()
        String filePath = "path/to/your/file.properties" // Adjust this path as necessary
        File file = new File(filePath)
        if (!file.exists()) {
            return 0 // Default value if file or key does not exist
        properties.load(new FileInputStream(file))
        return properties.getProperty(key, "0").toInteger()
then import it and use the writevalue and readvalue functions within your testcase
import com.mycompany.testautomation.util.PropertiesFileManager

int finalFailedCount = PropertiesFileManager.readValue('failedCount')

good luck

Thanks for your helping but I wonder how to call the variable finalFailedCount in the Email body on Project Settings → Email → Template? I tried to call but the system seems to be not found the variable. Thanks

I have a solution for it now via a custom function. However this is very tricky and use it at your own risk

def updateGlobalVariableInGlbl(String variableName, String newValue) {
	// Specify the path to your default.glbl file
	String currentDir = new File(".").getAbsolutePath().substring(0, new File(".").getAbsolutePath().length() - 1)
	String glblFilePath = currentDir + "/Profiles/default.glbl"
	File glblFile = new File(glblFilePath)

	if (!glblFile.exists()) {
		println("GLBL file not found.")

	// Parse the GLBL file
	def glblXml = new XmlParser().parse(glblFile)

	// Find the GlobalVariableEntity with the given name
	def variableNode = glblXml.'**'.find { node ->
		node.name() == 'GlobalVariableEntity' && node.name.text() == variableName

	if (variableNode) {
		// Ensure the new value is wrapped in single quotes
		String formattedNewValue = "'${newValue}'"

		// Update the initValue of the variable
		variableNode.initValue[0].value = formattedNewValue

		// Save the updated XML back to the GLBL file
		XmlUtil.serialize(glblXml, new FileOutputStream(glblFile))
		println("Global Variable '$variableName' updated to '$formattedNewValue'.")
	} else {
		println("Variable '$variableName' not found.")

use this function at your afterTestsuite but please at your own risk, It updates the xml of your profile global property