Downloaded Script to Computer, Imported Again and lost half my test cases

I downloaded my script that I spent a great deal of time on and re imported on a different system to find it seemed to delete half my data for no reason. Is there any way to recover this lost data?


You download your scripts from one machine and import them on another machine, did I get that right? Do you still keep KR on the old machine? If so, it’s likely that your scripts still available on that one.

No it’s as if half of my script was simply deleted from existence when saving. I’ve got the backups in TestOps but converting back into compatibility with the Recorder is still an issue.

Update: I’ve worked out how to restore from a backup and save the script data. My only concern now is if I choose to to save these scripts locally, re-upload them, and come to find I’ve lost data.

I continue to have the issue, my only hope at keeping a hold of my complete script is to peruse through 1700 backup records to find the one where I left off and restore from that backup. Every time I save, go to re-import, I’m left with a fraction of my data.

Hi @adam.olexo, I’m on the product team of KR. Could you provide us with one of your affected files so we could take a look and see what the problem was?

maybee this issue is connected to my issue:

@adam.olexo can you check if your saved test cases are OK, but while importing the test cases again they are “manipulated”?

just open the test cases with an browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. an check if everything is there